Top 5 Landlord Tips

Make it a business!! This is the best advice I can give anyone renting out their home.  Whether you use a professional property manager or do it yourself.  The moment you let it get personal is when you get yourself into trouble.  This does not mean you can not empathize with your tenant, but you still need to keep the professional relationship and enforce the contracts you have with each other.  When you start to relax on the enforcement is when you loose control and things start to go bad. Continue reading

What to Look For in Property Management Agreements

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What to Look For in Property Management Agreements

AUGUST 1, 2012

Every so often I get calls and email from landlords who have had trouble with a property management company, a company that manages property for several rental property owners, not the onsite variety of manager (though I get calls about them, too). Usually the complaints have to do with the property management company not having done the job the landlord was led to believe it would do. Continue reading