LT Ken Jones - Tenant

I'm an officer in the Navy with 22 years in, so you know that means a lot of moving and rental properties under my belt. Let me just state, this is by far the best run property management company I have ever rented from. I honestly wish they ran a company in MD where I own a home so they could manage my property there. The staff is super friendly (especially for/to Military members). They understand our needs. I dealt with a professional named Sherry Hallmark who went above and beyond for me while on deployment the first time shortly after arriving to Bremerton. When moving out (going on second deployment) she ensured I had ample time and notification before showing the rental property, very respectful and understanding of my needs. The check out process was extremely professional and reasonable. What really got me a lifetime fan of her/theirs is when Sherry went out of her way to personally deposit my security deposit into my Navy Federal bank account for me while I was deployed (there is a branch in Silverdale) … who does that you ask … the professionals at Pickett Properties Management, that's who. I wish everyone all the best. Very Respectfully, LT Ken M Jones, USN

Robin - Owner

 I would - and do - recommend Pickett Properties to ANYONE who is looking for a property manager in the Kitsap area.  There is no one better!

Torri - Tenant

I PROMISE IF I MOVE I WILL ONLY RENT WITH YOU GUYS, BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Nothing but the positive to say about you guys!!! 

Elizabeth - Owner

I really appreciate you looking out for my best interests.  A lot of management companies out there don't do that for the owners, and I really value that you do as my account manager. 

Lisa - Owner

You are the best.  Really.  My other property managers could learn a few things from your customer service.  Thanks. 

Russ - Owner

Thanks for all your hard work

Audra - Owner

Thanks and have a good holiday. This is such a comfort to hear from you and to know things are being attended.

Leonard - Owner

I think you are doing a great job with our properties.

Willy & Emily - Owner

You guys are outstanding.

Ken Kemmel - Tenant

I have recently leased a home through Pickett and they were by far the best service I have ever been through. The wife and I were changing duty stations to Kitsap from New London, we had gone out on leave to search for a home. During our walk through the agents were not only honest, and forthright but were able to point out the positives and the downfalls of each property, well within their right to say. This company was more than willing to work with us from more than three thousand miles away. Their patients and dedication really shown through and I could not be happier. They do conduct a through background search and tenant history but this is to protect the owners of the homes, which, I can completely understand but Pickett had made the whole experience translucent and nothing to worry about. An easy online pay system is available and makes rent a breeze. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality rental property. All in all you must remember that if you are a dirt bag and don't pay rent on time, trash the place, and all the other rigamaroll that goes on with that, of course they are going to look down upon you. But hey we had a great time with them.

Shannon - Owner

Thanks for all your effort.  Pickett has done a wonderful job as usual.  

Sarah - Owner

It means a lot to us to be with a property management company that cares!

Danique Masingill - Tenant

This Company is by far the best, most reliable, military friendly, professional and efficient property management company I have rented from in my 20 years of moving with the US Navy. We transferred from Mayport, Fl to Bremerton, WA and rented a house from them -site unseen. Our manager worked with us over the phone and through the time difference for several weeks until we finally decided on a home to rent. It was a half a million dollar home on 10 acres with a view of the Olympic Mountains. We arrived with 2 dogs, which was not a problem and our Manager met us at their headquarters and drove us out to the home to ensure we wanted to finalize our lease with them. We stayed in that home for 3 years and honestly still miss living there. We had a water pipe break in the garage one year in winter and water was pouring everywhere. I was on the phone with their after hours line and they talked me through how to turn the water off and stayed on the phone with me until their maintenance guy could get out there. When I say out there, I mean 18 miles from town- by choice. The following year the stove broke 2 days before Christmas. I was in a panic, but they managed to bring a stove out there and install it before Christmas and it had snowed over a foot. I can't tell you how important a reliable professional landlord is, but they provided everything I ever asked for. When we moved to NY after 3 years we didn't have any problems with our move out, our deposit or anything else. The smoothest move in- move out. Many of their employees are prior service and dependents so they know all about moving around and the troubles and worries we face. ATTENTION MILITARY- They are the best to rent from. You couldn't be in better hands. We are still in contact with our property manager Allison from Pickett Property and can still rely on her as a reference for other places we move to. Never had any problems and can only say good things.

Mikki - Owner

Pickett Properties sets the highest standards for customer service and we are so glad we chose you to manage our property while the Navy sends us around the country.  We would recommend you without reservation.


Brandi P - Tenant & Owner

When I was first transferred to Bremerton in 2007, I found a great house close to PSNS through Pickett Property. I met with Jim Pickett and found the application process pretty typical and painless. I stayed in that house for 2 years, finding anytime I needed repairs my manager Liz Mastrorocco was always available and responded to my requests quickly. After changing duty stations but still in Kitsap county I knew I was going to stay not only with Pickett, but my property manager Liz. By this time she felt like more of a friend than just my property manager. Stayed in the second house for a year and decided that it was time to become a homeowner.. 2 years in my own home and work circumstance meant I had to leave WA, having been a renter through Pickett and knowing the professionalism and high standards they set it was a no-brainer I was going to get Pickett and specifically contacted Liz to manage my house. Liz came to the house about 6 months before I left to help me figure out what things that had to be fixed, upgraded or improved. She was a wealth of knowledge and helped me get my home, which I loved and hated to leave show ready. I have now had Pickett property and specifically Liz managing my property since Sept 2011 and wouldn't change a thing!! she responds to all request quickly and has spent time researching when I had questions about repairs that needed to happen.They are a great company, and I fully trust them both as a renter and now as a property owner. In both cases I felt taken care of and comforted to know that they maintain the highest standards not just for the houses they manage but for the tenants they approve..no slum housing here, and no fear that my house is being trashed!  For as long as I own this home, Pickett Property will manage it..


Steven Osgood - Owner

I would like to relate my absolute joy at having Pickett Property Management and specifically Sherry Hallmark as the property managers for my rental. I currently do not live near my rental, so having someone there in the area to take care of any issues that arise, and creating a feeling of comfort to my renters is crucial. Sherry Hallmark is my agent, and I could not be happier. As a first time owner, she guided me through the process of the best ways to approach my upcoming owner/renter relationships, and also possible issues that may arise as an owner. Her input was invaluable because it took all the stress off of me and let me focus on other aspects of ownership. She is in constant communication with me about the condition of the property, suggestions for possible improvements, and always letting me know what the renters are feeling about their current conditions. This information is vital to me in my decision making process of repairs, upgrades, and how to keep my renters happy. My wife also has a rental property so we constantly compare notes on our property managers. She always ends up being disappointed because of Sherry's involvement and often wishes that Pickett had an office in her rental area. Thanks Sherrry for making this the easiest and best decision I ever made. Steve Osgood

Bill H - Owner

"We have been working with Pickett Properties for more than five years and worked

with them thought dozens of rental cycles. Their service has been first class; they are responsive

and knowledgable, handle tiny details with ease. They are professional and they have saved us hours of grief in not having to

qualify renters and the renters they have found have been very good. If you own a rental, take a real 

load off your mind and call Pickett today.  We are happy to recommend them... a first class operation with lots of friendly people."

April Hudson - Tenant

My family rented through Pickett property and couldn't have been more satisfied! They were very attentive every time I called with an issue. We hardly had an issue since they tended to take care of things before they arose. We rented for almost four years and were sad to be transferred. I moved out to Washington ahead of time with my three small children and they worked it out for me to get my keys on a Sunday, the house was perfect. Upon move out Gabrielle worked with me on finding affordable reputable cleaning and I had no problems. During the time I had several interactions with the Picketts and their daughter and her husband - top notch, honest, caring people. Would recommend and use them again!!

Jack Hamilton - Owner

Donna and I have entrusted our Kitsap property to Pickett since 1986. First with Jim and now with Kevin, we have found the quality of service to be exceptional. As distant landlords and frequent travelers, we have found Pickett to be highly responsive to the needs of our tenants and ever mindful of the care and feeding of our investment property. The potential for problems with a home exists regardless of whether you occupy your home or if you rent it out. We have several experiences that demonstrate the effectiveness of Pickett management and willingness to go the extra mile. They have always treated our property as if it were their own with respect to maintenance and overall care. The property experienced some damage druing a wind storm when a large branch from a neighbors tree fell on and damaged the roof of our house, exposing two bedrooms to the outside.. Within hours, Jim had the tenants relocated, insurance company contacted, contractor bids in hand and was on the phone with us to discuss the problem. In less than 48 hours, the roof repairs were complete and the tenants were back at home. During an earth movement event, the home did very well but the chimney suffered sufficient damage to require replacement. Jim made immediate contact with the insurance company to verify coverage and get the initial information to move toward repair. After some discussion with Jim, we decided to use the opportunity to shift from all electric heating to a gas forced air system. Jim did all of the work necessary to get the contractor plans and proposal, make sure insurance was on board, and then to shepard the process to completion. Once again a very quick response and a high degree of effort to go the extra mile to help the customer and the client. More recently, a sewer line became blocked with tree roots and a backup occurred. Kevin had the tenants out of the house promptly and setteld in a local motel. The service comapny was quickly on site for cleanup and the plumbers went to work to determine the cause. Within fours days of the initial event, responsibiolty for sewer line repairs (County or me) were resolved, a new sewer line was in place, the impacted areas of the home were cleaned, new carpets installed, and the tenants back in their home. Of note, the female tenant was an expectant mother, only days asway from delivery. The prompt action taken by Kevin and his crew not only resolved the physical property problems but paid close attention and consideration to the specific needs of the tenant family. Minimiziing the strees on the expectant mother was a high priority throughout the event. Pickett did an outstanding job taking care of the tenants as people not just "renters". Throughout the 25 or so years that Pickett has managed our property, the occupancy rate has been very high and the quality of the tenants has been exceptoional. We have not experienced a single problem regarding property damage or complaints from neighbors. I certainly could not ask for more. Pickett has my highest endorsement as a property management firm. I am also happy to report that, over the time we have worked with Jim and Kevin, we have developed a relationship of mutual trust and confiddence. I consider working with Pickett to equal working with friends to achieve a common goal. Try them and I think you will be equally impressed.

Brian And Crystal - Owner

We would like to thank you very much for the speedy response on the property issues that arise.  It is very comforting to know that issues will be resolved in a timely manner on the things that we cannot resolve ourselves. You are a wonderful property manager and you have no idea how much we appreciate that.

Damian - Tenant

The personnel at Pickett Property Management are amazing.  They make sure to take care of you as a renter and the home owner.  When you move in they take pictures of the home so when you move out there are before and after photos to make sure you don't get charged for damages that were pre-existing.  It keeps you honest about the damages to the home that were your fault.  I appreciate the availability of paying rent online.

Nelson - Tenant

We have recently rented a property through Pickett Property Management and it has been an excellent experience. Our manager, Liz has been nothing but helpful an accommodating throughout our rental process and move. The staff is genuinely hospitable and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Pickett Property Management to anyone searching for a new home in the Kitsap area.

Ian - Tenant

We had a good experience renting through Pickett Property. By and large the property manager was responsive to suggestions and requests. Maintenance/repair requests were handled in a reasonable amount of time. They have an good online payment and maintenance ticket system which is very convenient. They will accept credit cards, which is a nice feature. Lease terms were fairly standard. Security deposit was returned quickly.

Gina - Owner

We use Pickett Property Management to keep our home occupied (rented out) since we live in a different state now. We have had nothing but excellent experiences with Pickett Property Management. Our tenants have taken great care of our home and as soon as there are any maintenance issues, our property manager is on it and solves it in a very timely manner. She keeps us informed via email or phone calls and always answers our questions the same day we ask them. We feel very secure, knowing that our house is managed by Pickett Properties. I recommend them with no hesitation.

Emily - Owner

They have been excellent! We have been working with Gabrielle as a property manager for our home for over a year now and she has been wonderful! We had to start our property management under somewhat confused circumstances, working with the wife while the husband was out to sea and then with the husband when the wife moved to the new location early. Gabbie was professional and easy to work with the whole time, communicating with both of us and keeping everyone informed, even from far away. This good service has continued after we moved away and got tenants in the house; she keeps us up to date through frequent emails. She asks for our input on important decisions but takes care of small details without asking us to micromanage the property long distance. Bills have been very easy to take care of, and she always asks before any large charges are incurred on our account. She arranged and took care of lawn care in between us moving out and our tenant moving in, the utilities were all easily transferred and taken care of, it was just a beautifully smooth transition. The tenancy has gone without a hitch for the last year, which testifies not only to her management skills but also to her ability to find good tenants. Recently we asked if it would be possible to raise the rent in the renewal contract to cover our rising tax assessment. She advised us to keep the increase small to keep the tenants satisfied, which we felt was appropriate. We later found out the tenants wanted to move to a larger property and that Gabbie already had someone lined up that was interested in our house, and what's more, she had asked for a higher initial rent without even having to ask us. We were so pleased! It shows she was listening, and that she is absolutely committed to genuinely representing both the tenant's and the property owner's best interests. The rent is still a fair price for the house, but now it's more in line with our higher mortgage/tax costs. She is amazing! In sum, we have been completely satisfied with Pickett Property Management. Their fees are fair and their service is excellent. I would highly recommend them!

Richard - Tenant

Our experience with Allison and Pickett Property Management was a positive one. We didn't have many issues with the house we rented, but when we did Allison was very quick to respond and send someone out to take care of it. We prefer to communicate through email and her responses were always very timely. We lived in the house for two years and also had a positive move-out experience, which has not always been the case when dealing with other companies.

Ryan - Tenant

Our family had an amazing experience with Pickett Property Management. Evie was so helpful when we were looking for a home to rent, especially after we had already had so many disappointing experiences with other property management groups. She lined up several homes that she thought would suit our needs, and helped us find the perfect place for our family. We were so sad when it was time to move away, because we truly felt at home in the house, something we didn't find in any rental before. Any time we had questions, concerns, repairs, etc. they were very quick to reply. The garbage disposal burnt out and Evie had someone out to fix it that same day! If we ever end up in the area again, we will definitely be looking to Evie and Pickett Property Management to find another rental home. I would recommend them to ANYONE looking for a rental or for a company to manage a rental property, and I have!

Christian - Tenant

Pickett Properties took over management of a unit in Bremerton that my sister was renting. This occurred at a time when my sister was planning a pending move, which is always very stressful, particularly since my sister manages some pretty severe physical disabilities, as well as some peripheral safety concerns. Once they took over management, Cindi H. was my primary point of contact. Cindi was very professional, courteous and extremely responsive to my concerns and inquiries. Further, Cindi made positive efforts toward facilitating my efforts in moving my sister, as well as showing a high degree of flexibility in working with me to meet our needs. In summary, Cindi's actions and demeanor reduced what would have potentially been a very stressful transition. In this day in age of "big business" and bureaucratic insensitivity, my experience with Pickett Properties, Cindi H. and Kevin R. was quite refreshing. Thank You, Christian M. Seattle, WA

Tisha - Tenant

Pickett Property Management has now seen my multi-generational family through 2-moves. I've worked with Gabbie, Evie, and Chante, and all of them have been terrific in helping us sort through what can be a laborious situation. (Moving is never fun.) Having moved in from the east coast, I was thrilled to find a property management company with great knowledge of the area, great service, and great response (Gabbie is really great.). With my growing family and need to expand our space, it was important for me to stay with Pickett Property Management, and I'm glad I was able to. I am sure to recommend Pickett whenever I get the opportunity.

Katie - Tenant

Previously rented with Kitsap Property Management and wasn't as impressed as with Pickett. Rent was reasonable, easy to pay online. Any time I had an issue they were prompt to fix. The dish washer leaked and maybe two days later I had a new one. Other than when I needed something fixed (which was rare) they were very hands off (in a good way). Definitely recommend you use them if you are looking for a quality rental!


Jessica - Tenant

Over the past 4 years we have had the privilege of having Pickett Properties as our property manager. I can't say enough about the diligence, dedication and overall absolute superb service they have provided us. Being a military family and not being in the local area, we spent a considerable amount of time researching before we chose a manager. We could not have chosen better. Their tenant screening service is very thorough, the monthly statement is very easy to read and the year end summary makes tax preparations a cinch. These are only a small part of their services. The personal touch they provide working with both landlords and tenants sets them a part from their competitors. If you are looking for a property manager, I highly recommend Pickett!

Jennifer - Tenant

My husband and I consider ourselves professional renters. Having been a military family for over 20 years, and having moved every two years, we can spot a great property management company and Pickett is one of the best. Our heat recently went out, and upon placing a work order, we quickly received a response from Gabbie. Within a few hours a wonderful technician was at our house and our heat was working again. Thanks Pickett!

Melanie - Tenant

Love Gabbie!! I am an X-PM within the apt. community of 9 yrs and I have to say I would of loved working beside her. Gabriella knows what she is doing and how to respond to all situations in a professional & yet compassionate manner. We rented a home back in Jan 2010 after we lost our home to the housing crash & I lost my job. Gabbie worked with us (a family of 6) to get us into a home, even when our situation didn't look so great. Owner visits were always pleasant & they actually noticed the minor improvements that were made to the property. (even down to all the weeds being gone) The owner she works for is also amazing and those two work together great! They always heard, responded quickly, and understood our needs and concerns. When my husband got ill Gabbie and the owner totally understood about us trying to purchase a home again to try and save some money. It is weird to see us turning in our keys after 5 yrs in that home, but when we are ready to rent our new home in a few years (after the youngest graduates) .. we will DEFINATELY be getting in touch with Gabbie/Pickett Properties to be our PM. I cannot put down how much I appreciate you and R. . Thank you!!